Montenegrin Journalists’ Poor Deal Highlighted

24 Dec 14

Montenegrin Journalists’ Poor Deal Highlighted

Montenegrin journalists are poorly paid, often working for free over their holidays and weekends and few are members of a trade union, a new survey shows.

Dusica Tomovic


Most journalists of the 890 journalists working for 57 media outlets in Montenegro earn less than the national average, according to new research published by the country’s Media Trade Union.

The survey by the Media Union and the non-governmental organization CEDEM has found that the average wage of journalists in Montenegro is 470 euros a month, compared to 487 euros national average salary.

Every fourth employee in the media works overtime, almost on a daily basis, while half of them are never paid for such work.

Many journalists are kept on a short leash with fixed-term contracts that are often prolonged for years without the potential of secure jobs, the survey reveals.

The survey showed that every fifth journalist has had a salary cuts in the past year, and the decrease was more pronounced in print than in electronic media.

Few belong to a union. “Over 80 per cent of journalists do not belong to any journalists association, and the largest number of respondents did not want to state the reasons why they are not members,” the report said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)