Montenegrin Navy patrol boat participates in ADRION initiative exercise in Italy

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Within ADRION initiative, which includes Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece, a joint naval exercise in the waters of the Middle Adriatic (between the port of Brindisi and the port of Ancona) will be carried out from 6 to 16 June. The patrol boat P-34 of the Montenegrin Navy will participate in the exercise.

“Last year, a technical agreement on the establishing naval forces which would be activated in a case of need was signed and this year’s exercise will be an opportunity to begin the implementation and the training activities stipulated by the agreement”, the Ministry of Defence stated.

The host country, Italy, will nominate the Force Commander and each country will appoint members of the staff.

“Thus, the conditions for practicing responding to real situations at sea will be created (search and rescue, naval blockade performing, on boarding the ships with suspicious cargo, etc.) and forming a joint On-Call Maritime Force (OCMF) which will react in the Adriatic-Ionian basin in cases of actual need in the future”, the ministry stated.

The Montenegrin patrol boat P-34 sailed in the Port of Brindisi on 5 June. The crew will be there until 13 June and will participate in the training.

A staff officer of the Armed Forces of Montenegro has been engaged in the department for the maritime operations enforcement of the Joint Maritime Headquarters. The commander of the Montenegrin Navy Forces, Captain Darko Vukovic, will also be present during the execution of the entire exercise.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro