Montenegrin soldiers and objects now belong to NATO



I do not know about the plan to build Alliance bases in Montenegro, but I assume that all Montenegrin bases are in a certain sense NATO bases, says professor at the Johns Hopkins University and expert for the Balkan Daniel Server in response to the question whether NATO plans to build a base on the Montenegrin territory.

He explains that he is not sure whether all the countries of the region will follow the footsteps of Montenegro and join NATO.

“Maybe they all hope it will happen, but so far only Macedonia and Kosovo have committed to made joining the Alliance a goal, when they meet the necessary conditions. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are hesitant, for obvious reasons. Alliances will do well with or without them, but the big question is whether these countries would be better off with NATO and whether they are ready to make the necessary reforms,” Server says.

Commenting on the fact that Serbia will host the NATO military exercise in October next year and whether it makes it closer to the Alliance, Server responds that the country will consider all options.

“There is nothing inevitable about joining NATO, it is an organization that accepts only those who are ready to make the necessary reforms and give a positive contribution to the Alliance. Serbia will take all its options into account,” Server says.

He explains that US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit went very well, with a clear reaffirmation of the commitment of the Tramp Administration to the values of the Alliance and against Russian misconduct in the Balkans.

“The signal is clear: the doors of the Alliance are open to those who are qualified and want to enter,” Server says.

He warns that, regardless of US support to the official Podgorica, Moscow will never give up Montenegro.

“Moscow has given Podgorica and many other major cities of the region good reasons to be more committed to NATO than to Russia, which is a regional power that is losing its power. Russia can only offer destabilization to the region, ” explains Server.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro