Montenegrin soldiers in Afghanistan are healthy and perform their tasks well

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Members of the 4th contingent of the Montenegrin Armed Forces (VCG) engaged in the mission Resolute Support in Afghanistan are healthy, motivated, capable and committed to perform all tasks highly professionally, the Ministry of Defence announced.

The deputy chief of the VCG General Staff, Colonel Rajko Pesic, and the general manager of the Human Resources Directorate of the Ministry of Defence, Mihailo Volkov, are paying a visit to members of the 4th contingent in Afghanistan.

During the meeting with the commander of the contingent, Major Radojica Pejovic, and the members of the contingent, Pesic and Volkov had the opportunity to see for themselves that all members are healthy, motivated and capable to perform tasks in the mission and to carry out all the tasks highly professionally.

“In this way, they are maintaining the reputation that members of the previous VCG contingents gained in carrying out responsible tasks in multinational environment”, the ministry stated.

Colonel Pesic and Volkov commended the troops for a decent representation of Montenegro in the international mission and expressed hope that the members of the Montenegrin contingent in the forthcoming period would continue to implement all the tasks in the same manner.

Delegation of the ministry and VCG also met the commander of the Train, Advice and Assist Command North (TAAC N), brigadier general of the German army, Hartmut Renko.

Renko presented the command’s tasks and the security situation in the zone of responsibility. He also praised the contribution and the manner in which members of VCG contingent implement their tasks.

During the meeting with Brigadier Mato Matanovic, the commander of Croatian Armed Forces’ contingent, within which the Montenegrin contingent has been engaged, it was estimated that the cooperation between members of the troops of two countries was at a high level.

Montenegrin delegation was shown a number of presentations in order to make its members familiar with the missions, tasks and Command North’s area of ​​responsibility, the security situation in the zone of operations, as well as the measures being taken to strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s security forces and measures to protect coalition forces at the Marmal base and other areas they perform task in.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro