Montenegrin sovereignty was protests target

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that the protests of the Democratic Front (DF) from the start had a goal that implied violence and the change of government in a way that is contrary to the Constitution of Montenegro.

Thus the protests, he said, were undemocratic, violent and aggressive. During the prime minister hour, answering the question of the caucus chief of DPS Milutin Simovic about “the extent to which current political events may affect the achievement of key national priority” in the field of integration and the economy, Djukanovic said the protests also showed other dimensions, referring to the opposition to the state course concerning Euro-Atlantic integration.

“The political forces gathered at protests for months have been trying in every way to intimidate the citizens with Montenegro’s membership in NATO. They were scaring people that we will become the target of ISIL. They also organized bizarre performances in front of the parliament, simulating beheading by ISIL. All this showed that the main target of the protests was Montenegro’s sovereignty”, said Djukanovic.

The prime minister said that it could not be overlooked that events of this kind motivate people who are dissatisfied with the economic and social status.

“It’s far from being overlooked by our side, but it is something we don’t have anything to complain about. We complain only about politically irresponsible intention to abuse this objectivity and politically manipulate with it”, said prime minister in parliament.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro