Montenegrin woman in Britain: Jobs and salaries are the reason we exited the EU

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Branka Prelevic Barnes is a Montenegrin who lives in United Kingdom for the past 25 years. A couple of years ago, she moved from rich London to poor north and now lives and works in a village close to Middlesbrough. Branka did this because life is cheaper in the north, and that makes it easier for her to produce buckwheat products. This is the reason she moved from city to village, and the same motive was crucial to be in favor of the Britain leaving the EU.

„Me and my husband are in production of soap, pillows, matresses and similar made of buckwheat. Since there isn’t enough buckwheat here we have to import it from European countries and sell our products to them. We don’t have any problems. However, European laws and all the bureaucracy prevents us from reaching stronger markets – Middle east, Australia and USA. And our products have more demand there, because there’s less competition. That’s why I hope EU exit will be good for our business”, said Branka for CdM.

Preciselly business, she’s confident, is the key reason because of which around 17 million British citizens voted to leave EU.

„North of England is completely undeveloped. A lot of people who came from Europe live there, mostly from Poland and Romania. They offer cheap workforce, and have the same benefits like English people. This is why I’m sure majority of the north of England voted for the exit”, said Branka.

Besides this, she said that British people were worried by the possibility of Turkish EU membership.

„During the campaign a document leaked about a quick joining of Turkey to the EU. Do you know what does that mean? That two million Turks get the possibility of entering EU. Under the EU laws, we would have to accept them too”, she said.

„I’m a Montenegrin, and me and my husband love my country. We always vote FOR Kuci where we plan to build a large house”, she concluded the interview for CdM.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro