Montenegrins flock to Greece, vacations cost around 2.000 EUR

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Citizens of Montenegro that plan to spend holidays abroad, mostly choose Greece, instead of Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia, that have terrorist risks.

According to the words of representatives of tourist agencies, currently most sought after destinations are Greek islands, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

For a ten days vacation, 250 to 2 000 EUR need to be invested.

Tourist representatives said that the offers are adjusted to everyone’s pocket, while the citizens are divided between our coast and destinations abroad.

Vladimir Marković from Podgorica thinks that the same money can bring you a better service on Greek islands than on Montenegrin coast.

“When I go to a vacation, I want to rest, physically and psychologically, to relax and charge my batteries. On our ceast, something is always being built, there is garbage everywhere, unprofessional staff, crowded beaches.. Like this, you travel a bit further, but it is peaceful for the eyes, soul and ears”, Vladimir said. He has been going to Corfu for years now.

The prices are similar to local ones, and with the opportunity to pay in rates, “you don’t feel it”.

Even pools are luxury

However, for Vesna Popović, that would be too much in terms of expenses.

“With our income, it is hard to go for a holiday anywhere. Maybe we will take a train to Sutomore for a couple of times, but it seems that even Podgorica’s pool will be a luxury this year”, Vesna, mother of three, said.

There are those who can afford 4 or 5 stars hotels. They also prefer to spend that money abroad.

“We prefer to take our children internationally, because for them most things are free. For the same arrangement we will get much more for a price lower than 1 000 EUR, and there is entertainment for children. Why would we vacation in Montenegro then?”, Branka Đurišić said.

Tourist agencies also noted that Montenegrin prefer to go to holidays abroad than in Montenegro.

“Some European destinations are cheaper, and some more expensive than in Montenegro. But, Montenegrins like to travel. Some destinations have all-included services, and they have prices of 2 000 EUR for 10 days for a 4 member family”, said Ratka Drašković of Planettours agency.

Cheaper abroad

Director of agency Grand travel Milija Bojović thinks it is cheaper to have a vacation abroad.

“Montenegro has a deficit in hotel accommodation, so it is logical that prices in hotels are more expensive. In 3 stars hotels on Corfu, 4 member family needs to pay around 900 EUR, and to get bed and breakfast, bus transportation, while at our coast, the price is higher for a few hundred EUR”, he said.

Prices vary, but mostly depend on the quality of hotel accommodation, service, transportation, they said in Galileo agency.

“There are always cheaper destinations. What would contribute to more quality on our coast, are certainly increased hotel capacities”, Milan Koprivica from Galileo said.

This year, the most interest was shown for Greece, said Jelena Vlahović from IN Travel agency.

“Islands are very popular. We also offer Sicily, French coast, Rimini.. Situation is a bit different than last year, because Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt usually had the best offers, but they are not so much in demand this season”, she said.

Planettours agency said that they have travelers for these countries, but there has definitely been a decrease in interest.

“There is a lot of interest for Maiorca, Dubai, Sicily, Greece, Santorini, and also Vienna, Milano, Slovenia”, Drašković said.

Turkey has suffered due to terrorist risks.

“Traditionally, our citizens prefer Greece. Sicily is also a hit this season”, they said in Grand agency.

Although a majority of Montenegrins vacation on our coast, interest for other European destinations is growing.

Less interest for Turkey and Egypt

Koprivica also things that the negative consequences of security issues will influence the season for Turkey.

“It is evident that the number of tourists in Turkey this year will be less than before. Egypt and Tunisia will also suffer. These were all very popular destinations”, Koprivica said.

There is more interest this season for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and he hopes that our coast will also have more tourists.

Affordable for everyone

Prices on Montenegrin coast depend on a city, quality of accommodation, location. You can find a bed from 5 to 20 EUR per person, apartments are from 40, 70 to 120 EUR a day.

Hotels with 3 stars cost 35 EUR per day, with higher prices during season, while hotels with 5 stars on exclusive locations can charge up to several thousand EUR.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro