Montenegrins give up their holidays in Turkey

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A part of the citizens who had previously decided to spend their holidays in Turkey, now decided to cancel the travel arrangements, because of the attempted military coup and the state of emergency in the country, announced the Galileo travel agency.

“The arrangements for Turkey continue to exist, but some people have decided to cancel them. There are still those who will be going”, said for Pobjeda daily the CEO of Galileo, Srdjan Kovacevic.

He states that the agency is trying its best to return the money to those clients who decided not to go after all.

“If the holidays were our organization, we refund 100 percent of the funds to our clients, but if we are subagents (intermediaries in the sales package), we have to do what the original organizer tells us”, explained Kovačević.

Commenting on the situation in Turkey after the attempted putsch, as well in other countries which suffered terrorist attacks, he said the travel agencies are facing changes.

“France is in a state of emergency since November last year, but people are still going to travel to that country. Things on the international scene are delicate, strange, changed in recent years, so this is a new situation for travel agencies as well”, said Kovačević and added that Galileo is one of the few Montenegrin tourist agencies which organizes holidays for Montenegrin citizens in Turkey, because a large number of domestic citizens often opts for individual arrangements through travel agencies in Belgrade.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday a state of emergency that will last at least three months.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro