Montenegrins mostly travel to Corfu, Lefkada and Santorini

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Montenegrin tourists have shown the most interest for Greece this season, said representatives of Podgorica’s tourist agencies.

Tourist agency Grand said that they have mostly sold arrangements for Greece, that include travels to Corfu, Lefkada and Santorini. They said there is also a lot of interest for Sicily this summer.

“When it comes to travel in August, we would point to a travel that includes Milano, Gardaland and Verona”, they said in this agency.

The prices vary – from 265 EUR for Lefkada to 509 EUR for Sicily.

“To Corfu, tourists can travel for 299 EUR, to Rome for 369 EUR, while Milano and Gardaland cost 359 EUR”, they said in Grand.

Representatives of tourist agency Millennium said that tourists are mostly interested in Greece, while traveling to Istanbul seems to be less interesting.

“We are very happy with sales this season, as there is more interest for travel than the last”, they said in this agency.

The prices of the most interesting arrangements are from 1.000 EUR to two thousand.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro