Montenegro Activist’s ‘Sex Video’ Libel Trial Opens

04 Dec 14

Montenegro Activist’s ‘Sex Video’ Libel Trial Opens

Former Serbian official Vladimir ‘Beba’ Popovic is suing Montenegrin human rights activist Vanja Calovic for accusing him of faking a video which led to accusations of bestiality.

Dusica Tomovic


The Basic Court in Podgorica on Wednesday began hearing the case against Calovic, the director of prominent Montenegrin watchdog group MANS, who is accused of defamation.

Calovic is being sued by former Serbian official Popovic after a series of articles in the Montenegrin edition of Belgrade-based tabloid Informer in which she was accused of bestiality.

Calovic, a well-known critic of the Montenegrin government, accused Popovic of being responsible for a video posted on the internet which led to the accusations in Informer.

Images from the video, which purported to show her having sex with dogs, was published in June in the tabloid.

Calovic immediately denounced the video as a fake and went on to accuse Popovic of being responsible for a “montage”.

Popovic responded by denying having played any role in the campaign against Calovic in Informer, but added that he would be happy to share the video on the internet “whenever I have the chance”.

On Wednesday, the court in Podgorica rejected requests from Popovic’s legal representatives to review and verify the authenticity of seven controversial videos to determine whether Calovic appears in them.

The court only ordered that by next hearing, scheduled for February 2015, experts determine who posted the disputed recording online.

Popovic’s representative, lawyer Vladan Bojic, said on Wednesday that the case is not a campaign against Calovic but just a “need to find out the truth.”

“I’m deeply concerned about the defendant’s fear of being questioned in a civil case. This is something that is so benign and simple,” Bojic told media.

Popovic used to be the information chief for the Serbian government and last year founded his own NGO in Montenegro and in Serbia.

However, he has been accused by some critics of being an informal media adviser to Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and Serbian premier Aleksandar Vucic and being behind media attacks on their opponents.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)