Montenegro Airlines prohibits the use of Samsung Galaxy note 7 aboard

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Due to safety reasons, MA prohibited the use of smartphones Samsung Galaxy note 7 aboard airplanes, it was stated from the national air carrier.

“European Agency for Air Safety EASA issued a warning to all air carrier including our national company Montenegro Airlines, warning of potential safety risks from use of the most recent model of Samsung smartphones. There were cases where the devices caught fire due to a malfunction with lithium batteries”, MA statement reads.

Galaxy note 7 smartphones, they explained, cannot be turned on during flights, cannot be charged aboard airplanes and cannot be put in the luggage.

“The company appeals to the passengers that they notify the staff aboard an airplane if their device is damaged, warm, smoking, lost or has any other issue. These measures are to come in force starting tomorrow, September 17th 2016. All Montenegro Airline services will take part in monitoring the matter. We expect the understanding of our respected passengers”, the statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro