Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo to Sign Border Deal

21 Oct 14

Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo to Sign Border Deal

Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania are preparing to sign a trilateral agreement that will mark ‘the meeting point of the three borders’.

Dusica Tomovic


Montenegro’s Interior Ministry told BIRN on Tuesday that an historic agreement on the exact meeting point of the three Balkan states will be signed as soon as the three governments set a precise date.

The agreement, which was proposed by Montenegro, aims at part-resolving a dispute between Montenegro and Kosovo over borders that has lasted since 2011.

“The conclusion of the agreement between Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo will contribute to the development of good neighbourly relations, stablity and cooperation in the region,” the ministry said.

The joint border point is be marked with a triangular pyramid, each side of which will carry the name of the country it faces.

Border demarcation between Montenegro and Albania finished in 2009, but two locations covering about 6,000 acres remain disputed between Kosovo and Montenegro.

Both countries lay claim to the land and 12 meetings between Montenegro and Kosovo have not resulted in a settlement.

Kosovo and Montenegro started consultations on signing an agreement on border demarcation in 2011. Montenegro has a 79km border with Kosovo, in the northeast.

After two years of talks, Kosovo and Montenegro were due to sign a deal in March, but it was postponed without explanation.

In the past two years, residents of border villages near the western Kosovo city of Pec have protested about the unclear border on several occasions.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)