Montenegro Albanians Protest Over Textbooks

17 Sep 14

Montenegro Albanians Protest Over Textbooks

Ethnic Albanian parties in Montenegro say their children need textbooks adapted to the needs of the community, not translations of the mainstream Montenegrin curriculum.

Dusica Tomovic


Ethnic Albanian parties in Montenegro protested on Tuesday against the “inadequate curriculum” their children are offered in schools in Montenegro.

They said that teaching programs in schools are not adapted to the needs of the community as the textbooks are only translations into Albanian of books written in the Montenegrin language.

The opposition party FORCA said that the Albanian pupils were undergoing a “forced curriculum.

‘The imposition of texts translated into Albanian… is outdated and harmful to the national identity of Albanians, and has practiced by the Ministry of Education for years,” the party said in a statement.

FORCA said the National Council of Ethnic Albanians in Montenegro needed to be consulted when it came to drafting the new curriculum.

It was the constitutional and legal obligation of Montenegro, the party added, to respect the educational needs of different ethnic communities.

Recent government data showed that ethnic Albanians make up about 5 per cent of the population of Montenegro.

There are no exclusively Albanian schools in the country. However, municipalities with a majority or large ethnic Albanian population have Albanian language classes.

Last year, about 3,000 students in the municipalities of Podgorica, Ulcinj and Gusinje attended Albanian language classes.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)