Montenegro and BiH to sign border treaty by August 27th

Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina will sign a border treaty no later than August 27th, the foreign ministers of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igor Luksic and Igor Crnadak have said today in Podgorica.

Crnadak is today in an official visit to Montenegro. After meeting with his Montenegrin counterpart, he commended friendly cooperation between the two countries.

Luksic said that the visit of Crnadak confirms excellent political relations between Montenegro and BiH.

“We discussed bilateral economic relations, which can be further improved by signing the agreement. In the field of European integration, we are yet to sign the cooperation agreement, where we can help a lot by exchanging the experiences”, Luksic said, according to Anatolia news agency.

One issue that has plagued relations between the two countries in recent months – the issue of ownership of Sutorina – has finally been resolved. Signing of the agreement on the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected no later than August 27th.

“What is important is our willingness to quickly create conditions to sign this border agreement. If not sooner, then certainly not later than on August 27th, at the Vienna Conference. That would be an important signal and an encouragement to all in the region when it comes to addressing one form of legacy from earlier times”, said Luksic.

The theme of the meeting between the two ministers was the Euro-Atlantic integration of both countries.

“We discussed European integration. Montenegro is in this segment a few steps ahead of us, but it is our desire to soon sign an agreement on cooperation in the field of European integration. We also talked about both our countries’ relations with NATO. Our cooperation with NATO is intense. We in BiH do not have a consensus about membership, so the issue is left for some future time. On the other hand, this year is crucial for Montenegro, and I believe that it will be remembered in the history of Montenegro, because Montenegro will receive the invitation and become a member of NATO. It will be good for the stability of the region”, Crnadak said.

During his visit to Montenegro, Crnadak will today also talk to the heads of state and Parliament, Filip Vujanovic and Ranko Krivokapic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro