Montenegro became a part of the State Department’s GIST initiative



Since last week, Montenegro and the Ministry of Science have become a part of a country network to which the State Department sends information and provides them with access to initiatives and activities that are implemented in the field of science and research.

On that occasion, the ministry, in cooperation with the NGO organized a web seminar Success Factors for Entrepreneurial Initiative yesterday. It is one of two GIST initiatives (Global Innovation through Science and Technology initiative).

It was announced that the web seminars within the GIST initiative would be held every second Tuesday of a month. The Ministry of Science, together with the US Embassy in Podgorica and the NGO, plans to create checkpoints for holding web seminars and additional initiatives on these topics in the towns in the north and the south of Montenegro.

The seminar was hosted by professor Chuck Eesley, an Assistant Professor at Stanford University in the Department of Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) who holds courses and explores technological entrepreneurship in order to provide the next generation of entrepreneurs with advice and actions to succeed. The online entrepreneurial and educational resources and information about entrepreneurship that he has collected through its research were discussed at the seminar. The participants also talked about which lessons entrepreneurs can acquire from a survey on start up companies.

GIST is the flagship US government programme on innovation and entrepreneurship, which empowers young innovators to develop startup solutions that address economic and development challenges. GIST participants in 135 emerging economies can develop skills, build networks, find mentors, and access financing through a combination of in-country training, a pitch competition, interactive online programming, and direct connections to U.S. experts. GIST helps create conditions for successful local entrepreneurship ecosystems and enables global youth to develop local solutions to local problems.

Since 2011, GIST has engaged more than 2.8 million innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide and mentored over 5,000 startups that have generated more than $110 million in revenue.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro