Montenegro: Car with Serbian license plates demolished

BELGRADE – Family of four, Stefanovic, found its car demolished while they were vacationing on the Montenegrin coast. The only reason for it, as they said, is that the car had Serbian license plates, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”.

Nothing was stolen from the car, although the trunk was full of stuff, and the damage is assessed at 1,000 euros.

“On the day we arrived, municipal police removed the pillars from two parking spaces which were placed by a certain Rafailovic on his own initiative. I asked the police if parking was allowed here and they told me it was. The car was standing there 15 days and no one asked me to move it,” said Ivan Stefanovic, who was vacationing with his wife and two minor children in Budva.

He came with his family on vacation and had no conflict with anyone.

“I am a professional basketball player, I played in Hemofarm from Vrsac, then in OKK Belgrade, and for the last eight years I have been playing in Romania and Hungary. Given that nothing was stolen from the car, the only reason I see for the attack is that the car had Serbian license plates,” said Stefanovic.

He added that the reported the incident to the police.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)