Montenegro: Cars with Serbian license plates marked with black spray in Tivat

TIVAT – Cars with Serbian license plates that were present on a parking lot in Tivat ended up with strikethrough coats of arms of Serbia.

Unknown person sprayed with black color the place on the license plate reserved for Serbian coat of arms.

As reported by Serbian daily “Kurir”, every other car in the parking lot is marked with spray.

“Here are a few photographs from Tivat for you to see how desirable Serbian tourists are here,” wrote a reader who sent the photographs to the daily.

The problem are the Albanians, they are the ones doing this. Everyone knows who is smart and educated that Montenegrins are Serbians. The ancestry of Montenegro has always been that of Serbia, over time more and more Albanians who are the poorest of Europe moved into these lands Serbia’s Kosovo, Sandzak and in Montenegro and over time began a slow ethnic cleanse of Serbs from their lands. Any idiot would see and ask how in Kosovo were 100,000 Serbs live and 2 million Albanians are the Serbs the agressors? It’s all western money and politics. Its a race from the west to destroy all slavic ties to Russia. One day the truth will be seen by all until then this will go on.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)