Montenegro Clamps Down on Blood Diamond Trade

30 Jun 15

Montenegro Clamps Down on Blood Diamond Trade

Montenegro is taking action to prevent the trade in so-called ‘blood diamonds’ – sold by rebel groups or their allies to fund wars in conflict zones – as part of the EU accession process.

Dusica Tomovic


Montenegro is adopting a special regulation on the diamond trade to bring the country in line with EU and other international directives.

Although Montenegro has no official data on the diamond trade, nor a developed jewelery market, it has been obliged to revise regulations on diamond trading as part of the European Union accession process.

Under the new regulation, export and transit certificates for diamonds may only be issued if it can be shown that were imported on internationally valid documents.

Under the certification process, Montenegro will have to comply with guidelines of the Kimberley Process – an international diamond certification system launched in 2003.

This focuses on stopping the trade in diamonds defined by the Kimberley Process as “rough diamonds used by rebel movements or their allies to finance armed conflicts aimed at undermining legitimate governments”.

Eighty countries are parties to the process, representing most nations involved in the diamond trade.

Participating states may only legally trade in diamonds with other participants who have also met the minimum requirements of the scheme. International shipments of rough diamonds must be accompanied by a KP certificate guaranteeing that they are conflict-free.
“Considering that trading in rough diamonds is subject of serious international concerns, which can be directly linked to financing of armed conflicts, activities of rebel movements, Montenegro is determined to contribute and to support the implementation of the international measures in that area,” the government said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)