Montenegro Commemorates Bosnian War Hero


27 Jan 15
Montenegro Commemorates Bosnian War Hero

A memorial was held in Podgorica on the anniversary of the death of Srdjan Aleksic, a Serb who was murdered while trying to save his Bosniak friend’s life during the war in 1993.

Dusica Tomovic

The boulevard named after Srjdan Aleksic in Podgorica.

Local officials and the Forum of Bosniaks in Montenegro laid flowers on Tuesday on the city boulevard named after Aleksic, marking the 22nd anniversary of his murder by Serb soldiers in the Bosnian town of Trebinje.

Mirsad Rastoder of the Forum of Bosniaks said that Aleksic was a young man who lost his life for his belief that a neighbour or friend is more important than any ideology or military command.

“Srdjan is a hero for all generations, a lighthouse of the principles on which people can build respect for each other and [a sign] to beware of ideologies and delusional leaders,” Rastoder said.

Aleksic, a reservist soldier, was killed on January 27 1993, at the height of the Bosnian war, after a gang of Serb soldiers who had been searching the market for Bosniaks, found his friend Alen Glavovic and started to beat him up.

After Aleksic came to his friend’s aid, four soldiers turned on him and attacked with rifle butts, causing his death.

One of the four attackers was killed during the war, while the remaining three were sentenced to two years and six months in prison each.

Last year the Podgorica City Assembly agreed to name a street in the capital after Aleksic. Srdjan Aleksic Boulevard is located near Pobrezje Park, a relatively new park which is dedicated to the civilian casualties of the wars in the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2001.

“The least we could do is to named a street after him, trying not to forget his act,” the head of the Podgorica Assembly, Djordjije Suhih, said on Tuesday.

The story of Aleksic’s wartime heroism, at a time when Serbs and Bosniaks were portrayed as enemies, has spread across the former Yugoslavia. Several towns in Bosnia and Serbia have also paid homage by naming streets or squares after him.

A film was also made about Aleksic, ‘Krugovi’ (‘Circles’), exploring the consequences of his attempt to defend his friend.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)