Montenegro could be ready for EU until 2020

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Report on Montenegro for this year is the best compared to other countries in the region and Turkey, it was rated in the show ‘’Accents’’. There has been progress in all the areas, and what the interlocutors of TVCG especially emphasized was the progress in compliance with the EU acquis.

“Montenegro has made progress and this is stated in the report,” said the head of the EC Delegation to Montenegro Aivo Orav.

He said that there was a word, however, referring, as he said, to the obligations to which Montenegro must focus in the future. He singled out the concrete results in the fight against organized crime and corruption, the old cases of violence against media representatives, and emphasized the concern regarding the public debt. Orav said it was important for the EU to form the Government as soon as possible and welcomed the establishment of institutions, legislation, with an expectation to move ón with implementation.

“We encourage the Government and all the actors to seriously undertake the tasks and Montenegro to move forward,” said Orav.

Ambassador of Slovakia in Montenegro Roman Hloben said that it is not impossible for Montenegro to be ready for EU membership by 2020.

“It is not impossible if we are going to receive good news from Montenegro as we did so far,” he said.

Hloben also called for faster formation of the government and said that Montenegro will continue to have the support of both the SlovakRepublic and the EU on the European path.

The interlocutors on the show “Accents” believe that yesterday’s victory of Donald Trump in presidential election in the United States will not affect the change in national policy towards Montenegro. Slovak Ambassador Roman Hloben said that the ratification process is going well and that, in his opinion, NATO partners already consider Montenegro to be part of the Alliance.

“There is no deadlock over ratification of the Agreement with Montenegro and I don’t expect it to be,” said Hloben.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro