Montenegro dedicated to NATO values

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Montenegro has demonstrated commitment to NATO values – freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights, said Assistant Chief of Staff of the NATO Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk,United States, Ralph Reefman.

He said that the Army of Montenegro (VCG) in recent years focused on meeting the objectives of accession to the Alliance.

“Montenegro has taken ownership of the responsibility for future membership in NATO and put more emphasis on the development of interoperability with NATO allies,” said Reefman at the opening of the annual conference for Integration (Annual Integration Conference – AIC), which is part of the bilateral activities of NATO and Montenegro during the process of integration into the Alliance.

He said that a lot of work has been done.

“The necessary legal reforms, including the provisions of the agreement to allow NATO troops in Montenegro and Montenegrin troops deployment in support of NATO, have been implemented,” said Rifman.

Chief of the VCG General Staff Ljubisa Jokic thanked all members of the NATO Working Group for Accession and Integration on their unreserved support, constructive suggestions and up to date assistance.

He also thanked for sending expert research teams from NATINAMDS, CIS and NSWAN because, as he said, received information, advice and assistance were invaluable to his staff.

“The drafting of the National Integration Plan, the NATO Support Plan and the 2016/2017 Annual Plan as well as the hard work of AIWG brought the us to the end of the first phase – the entry of Montenegro into NATO, just when the ratification process is over,” said Jokic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro