Montenegro does not want Russian base, because it wants to be part of NATO

Russia offers Montenegro multi-billion dollar investment in new military base on the coast, but the offer has been consistently refused because Montenegro wants to become part of NATO and the European Union, said US Senator Christopher Murphy.

“For a country in an extremely stressful financial situation, it is very difficult to say ‘No’ to such a motion. And Montenegro keeps saying ‘No’, because they want to become part of NATO and the European Union,” he said at a panel ” The road to Euro-Atlantic integration: The role of the US in the Western Balkans “, which on Monday organized the George Marshall Fund.

Murphy believes that Russia will continue to create pressure, reports Pobjeda.

“Montenegro continues to refuse Russia’s investment, worth several billion dollars, and that is the partner with whom it allegedly transacts. It makes an extremely difficult decision and puts itself in a position that is potentially untenable, in the long run “, he said.

Christopher Murphy, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europan Affairs of the Senat Foreign Relations Committee, in October last year visited Montenegro, where he spoke to the President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and Foreign Minister Igor Luksic.

He then said that Montenegro has a lot of work in the NATO integration, especially in the area of rule of law and increasing public support, but that these obstacles could be overrun by the first half of 2015.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro