Montenegro even more strongly towards EU membership

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Following the adoption of theLaw on Ratification of North Atlantic Treaty, Montenegro has been even more determined to investigate reform activities in order to successfully complete the accession negotiations process and become the next EU member, said Ivan Brajovic, President of the Assembly, during the visit of German delegates to the Montenegrin Parliament.

Brajovic has received the deputies of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from the county Saxony-Anhalt and members of the Working group for federal and European affairs and media, Markus Kurze, Ralf Geisthardt, Daniel Sturm, Detlef Gürth and Siegfried Borgward.

“Brajovic expressed satisfaction with the visit and stressed that it represented a contribution to the further strengthening of the parliamentary cooperation of Montenegro and Germany, and a sign of strong support for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro,” the press release states.

The President of the Assembly of Montenegro pointed out that Germany was in continuity a promoter of the European Union’s enlargement policy to the Western Balkans and expressed the conviction that, in spite of all the national turbulences and challenges facing the European Union, it is highly up to the agenda to maintain the enlargement policy which is important for the credibility of the Union and for the long-term stability and prosperity of the Western Balkans region.

“The interlocutors expressed their satisfaction with the overall bilateral relations between Montenegro and Germany and stressed that significant co-operation in the field of economy has been achieved and that there is plenty of potential for its improvement,” the press release states.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro