Montenegro Firms Spy Business Opportunities in NATO

26 May 15

Montenegro Firms Spy Business Opportunities in NATO

A conference on business opportunities in NATO heard that military, food and tourism industries all stand to benefit after 25 local companies were awarded a prized certificate.

Dusica Tomovic


The Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce on Monday said companies in the country hope to do important business with NATO armies as a result of obtaining a coveted NATO code.

According to official data, 25 companies have thus far obtained the NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code, NCAGE. The first company to win an NCAGE award was in 2012.

Codified products appear in a unique NATO NCS database, which means that the company as a supplier, may then be invited totake part in public or confidential tenders. NATO member state armies use only products that are codified by the alliance’s standards.

The head of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, Velimir Mijuskovic, described the NATO code as a great opportunity for local companies.

Apart from the 28 member states, it also offers companies a chance to place goods in 38 states that are not members of the alliance.

Although the procedures for obtaining NATO code are complex and security checks on the local companies are demanding, it offers a gateway to a market that “has money and where the payments are regular” Mijuskovic told a conference on NATO membership as a business opportunity.

“Although the political and security aspects of membership in NATO are in focus, it is also important for the economy,” Mijusković said at the conference.

A total of 76 products from Montenegro have been codified in accordance with NATO standards, which means that they can be offered to NATO member states’ armies, the chamber of commerce explained.

Among them are products and services from four military factories, several manufacturers of meat products, carbonated water and wine, a state shipyard and two ports.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)