Montenegro freest at the Balkans region

Montenegro and Slovenia are the freest countries in the Balkans region, shows the latest report on the personal freedom. In the same time Serbia is the least free country in the region.

According to a very detailed report of the US Cato Institute on the theme “The Human Freedom Index”, which is based on personal, civil and economic freedoms, Montenegro ranks 40th out of 152 countries in the world. The report is co-published by the Cato Institute, the Fraser Institute (Canada) and the Liberales Institut (Germany).

Immediately after Montenegro, from the regional countries, follows Slovenia, member of the European Union, which is ranked 41st on this prestigious list of the freest countries in the world.
After Slovenia comes Croatia on the 44th place, then Macedonia 45th, Albania 54th, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, positioned on the 56th place according to the Index of personal freedoms.
According to this list, the least free country in the Balkan region is Serbia, located currently on the 80th place.
It is interesting that the list cites countries such as Chile, which is ranked 18th in the list, Taiwan 24th, Korea 31st, Uruguay 34th and Costa Rica 39th, just ahead of Montenegro.
Of the countries in the broader region of the Balkans, Romania is the freest on the 32nd place, Hungary on the 38th, Bulgaria shares place with Slovenia on the 41st, and Greece is ranked 46th on the list.
The least free European countries are Serbia, Ukraine (which is ranked 74th) and Moldova (64th). On the other hand, the freest country in the world is Hong Kong (the report did not measure democracy), followed by Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden.
Among the 20 freest countries in the world are Norway, Austria, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Malta, Luxembourg, Chile, Mauritius and the United States.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro