Montenegro guarantee of stability

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By being among the first to ratify the NATO Accession Protocol for Montenegro, Hungary wants to send a clear message to Montenegro that the country supports Montenegrin Euro-Atlantic future, but it is also sending the message to other states of the region, that if their efforts in the integration process have real and tangible results, then the door would open to them, says the president of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Kover.

He points out that this is an important message to other NATO members also, and that the Alliance should continue its open door policy. He believes that Montenegro has achieved unprecedented performance in the region, while the restoration of independence was a unique event.

“There is no need to emphasize with what sacrifices other countries in the region came to independence. Montenegro, however, without the war, in a democratic and peaceful way renewed its statehood. This success confirms the rational and wise policy of the state leadership, which continued even after regaining independence,” he said in an interview for the Pobjeda.

As he pointed out, less than 10 years after the independence referendum, the Member States of the strongest military alliance in the world have called our country to join NATO.

Montenegro, Kover says, is already guarantee of security, stability and development in the region, and as a NATO member, in his opinion, it will play an increasingly important role in “exporting” these values.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro