Montenegro had a successful dynamics of opening negotiation chapters

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The Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro, ambassador Mitja Drobnic, paid a farewell visit to the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic in Podgorica today.

President Vujanovic stated that during Drobnic’s term of office, from December 2013 until June 2016, Montenegro has opened 24 chapters of the accession negotiations for EU membership, two of which have been provisionally closed.

“That is definitely a huge success of the accession negotiations, particularly having in mind the fact that opening of the majority of the remaining chapters has been prepared. Montenegro is committed to continue accession negotiations at an intensive pace, seeking to fulfil the overall reform of the state and society through them”, Vujanovic said.

Ambassador Drobnic agreed that Montenegro had a successful dynamic of opening chapters in the accession process. He pointed out that this process had a continuous progressive course. He also emphasise the value of implementation and better horizontal coordination of subjects of the negotiation process.

Drobnic stated that he would present his experience to the newly appointed chief of the EU delegation, expecting that Montenegro would continue the accession negotiations for EU membership at an intensive pace.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro