Montenegro has a legitimate government

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic said that our country will receive an invitation for membership in NATO in December this year if it elementary fulfills the conditions.

Krivokapic said that now everything depends on Montenegro.

“It is up to us, even more than before. Everything is in our hands”, Krivokapic said in an interview with Voice of America.

Talking about what Washington expects from Montenegro when it comes to the rule of law, Krivokapic said that it is elementary to expect from Montenegro to demonstrate that the institutions are functioning through resolving the key cases and through final judgments.

When it comes to public support for membership in NATO, Krivokapic said that it can be improved by explaining to people what NATO really is.

“Explaining the basic fact that we can not enter European Union if we are not in NATO. That NATO would not accept a country that is not ready, that EU will not accept a country that does not have safety provided. Every serious investor will come only where the country is safe in a security way”, Krivokapic said.

Answering the question of whether and how the Russian opposition to NATO extension will influence Montenegro’s accession, he said that America’s position is also clear that no one can influence that.

When it comes to the transitional government, Krivokapic said that the SDP only see the part that should increase unity in Montenegro.

“You know that we still have too many divisions and too little joint projects, primarily development projects we agreed on in Montenegro, in this lasting crisis, and so called political projects that are crucial for European integration, but also for NATO integration. I think that we could also get someone for NATO side out of these discussions”, said Krivokapic.

He believes that Montenegro has a legitimate government that should go through the given mandate, but that SDP has a need to cooperate with the opposition.

Answering the question whether the story of the transitional government can slow the Euro-Atlantic integration, Krivokapic said that in fact it may accelerate it, in order to receive some support for NATO integration.

“As I already said, I think we can win over someone on our side, someone who will support NATO through explanation and consultation. Of course, if opposition is for the rule of law and for stable Montenegro in the European integration, there are no different objectives there”, considers Krivokapic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro