Montenegro is a bridge for Italy to enter Balkan’s energy market

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Executive Director of company Terna Matteo del Fante spoke to Italian media, saying that connecting with Montenegro via underwater cable is still the priority of this company.

Del Fante sees our country as a bridge that will enable Italy to enter into Balkan’s energy market.

Focus of the company Terna when it comes to connections internationally are Korzika and Balkans. Transmission network from Toscana dates back to the 60s and has limited capacity, which is why they are looking for alternatives.

When it comes to Balkans, CEO of Terna is clear – the priority is the joint project being realized with Montenegrin Electro-transmission system. According to del Fante, the market in our country is small, but Montenegro represents a bridge for the Balkan market.

“We are following the development of network on Balkan and as a partner of CGES, we support better connection in the region”, del Fante said.

Enough energy

Construction of the underwater energy cable with centrals in Montenegro and Italy, should be done by 2018. This project inspired some opponents in Abrucco and Montenegro. When asked whether Montenegro can produce enough energy for the capacity of the cable, Terna said that this cable would be used to transport energy from the whole Balkan. They reminded that Romania and Bulgaria have energy to share and that Serbia is joining them.

“Regardless of future power plants, Balkan already has enough energy to export through this cable. The cable will transport the energy that will be sold according to market values. The cable should be seen as a highway”, they said in Terna.

Project of connecting Italy and Montenegro with an energy cable will cost almost a billion EUR. Italian Terna is due to provide at least 80% of the necessary resources, while Montenegro will provide 100 million EUR, which are needed to build a station in Lastva and power plant in Pljevlja. Montenegro, Terna i CGES signed a contract on January 2011, that states that the state is obliged to provide rights on the state’s land to the Italian company, including coastal resources necessary for the implementation of a part of the energy cable located on the territory of our state.

Connecting with Serbia and BiH

There is a plan to connect with Serbia and BiH through Montenegro, while it is still unknown whether Albania will accept to connect on the energy cable of Montenegro and Italy.

An estimate of justifiability of a 400k connection between Serbia, Montenegro and BiH showed the need for the implementation of this project. The study was financed by EU, and it entails planned inter-connections between Bajina Bašta in Serbia, Pljevlja in Montenegro and Višegrad in BiH.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro