Montenegro is an example when it comes to approach to current political moment of the country

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Montenegro is an example, and its government is a regional exception, when it comes to approach to the current political moment of the country, it was pointed out at the meeting between the deputy prime minister Dusko Markovic and the president of the ALDE group in the Council of Europe Jordi Xucla.

Markovic informed Xucla on Montenegro’s progress in the European and NATO integrations and thanked for the continuous contribution of the Council of Europe in the results achieved in improving the rule of law and institutions building, and particularly for the assistance of the Venice Commission in the part of the process of constitutional change.

Xucla expressed full understanding for Montenegro’s domestic and foreign policy, recognising that the country plays an important role in the context of neighbourly stability and security, which the Council of Europe noted during the post-monitoring phase which is ongoing.

“He has also said that Montenegro is an example, and its government is a regional exception when it comes to the approach developed by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly related to the current socio-political situation”, the government stated.

Markovic said that the political offer of the ruling coalition, ie the government, reduced, or even eliminated unnecessary distance between the government and the democratic opposition and encouraged optimism.

“We are obliged to such an approach by adopted standards in the rule of law, achieved results in terms of efficiency and independence of the institutions, and finally – a new quality of social relations in Montenegro”, Markovic said.

The two officials agreed that the future political agreement between the government and the opposition would be the best argument by which Montenegro may present itself to the Council of Europe, because it was a unique approach and long-term capital that would contribute to the rule of law, economic prosperity and civic security, as a kind of indicators of country’s stability.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro