Montenegro is working and achieving noticeable results on its Euro-Atlantic path

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On its Euro-Atlantic path, Montenegro is working and achieving noticeable results, it was said at the meeting between the Speaker of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic and members of the German section of the International Commission of Jurists – ICJ, led by chairman Michael Eichberger, who is also a judge of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany.

They discussed the legal regulation of the state of Montenegro, particularly focusing on the competence and work of the Parliament and its relation to other branches of government.

Krivokapic also presented the transition processes in Montenegro, particularly those concerning the amendments to the Constitution, a new election law and legislative solutions stemming from the constitutional amendments related to the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office and the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

“By continuous development of its capacities and implementation of its constitutional jurisdiction, the Parliament has become a new public good of overall democracy in Montenegro. Parliament’s development represents a permanent path aimed at controlling a powerful branch of government as the executive one. State draws its power from its institutions only if system as a whole operates responsibly and then we get tangible results that we call the rule of law. The rule of law is a prerequisite for economic and social development and ultimately the development of the country by the standards of Euro-Atlantic community, which is Montenegro’s foreign policy priority”, Krivokapic said.

Members of the ICJ emphasised Constitution of Montenegro as a modern and civic one, with clear guidelines and a room for the construction of a state that is based on a system of rule of law. During the meeting special attention was paid to the fact that 2016 is elections year and that free and fair elections are the first step without which there is no further undisputed power and strength of the institutions. In this regard, it is concluded that a full and determined implementation of the law and strong institutions create the conditions for citizens to freely express their will at the elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro