Montenegro Journalist Blames Job Loss on Union Link

10 Sep 14

Montenegro Journalist Blames Job Loss on Union Link

The head of the Montenegrin Media Union, Marijana Camovic, says she has lost her job on the independent daily Vijesti because of her union activities – a claim the newspaper denies.

Dusica Tomovic


After 14 years’ work there as a reporter, the Podgorica daily Vijesti has axed the president of the Montenegrin Media Union, Marijana Camovic.

Camovic told BIRN on Wednesday that she had been fired illegally and as a “direct consequence” of her engagement on behalf of the rights of media workers.

She also said Vijesti’s management was deliberately making long-term employees redundant in order to hire younger workers for lower salaries.

“Anyone who demands their rights or has trade union involvement becomes an enemy of the employer and is eliminated as ‘a dangerous phenomenon’,” Camovic said.

Vijesti rejected Camovic’s claims, saying that she was fired because the editorial team “was not satisfied with her contribution to work” over a long period of time.

Camovic had several conflicts with editors and journalists over the past few months, which reflected negatively on the paper’s work, the management said on Wednesday.

“It is a complete fabrication that she was fired because of her union engagements. On the contrary, she was elected as head of the Media Union with the full support of Vijesti,” the newspaper said.

Camovic, who has headed the union of media workers since 2013, was re-elected last week as the union president with a four-year mandate.

The union was founded in April 2013 and is now the largest media organization in Montenegro, uniting more than 300 journalists, mostly from the independent sector.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)