Montenegro lives an Njegos epoch

International scientific conference “Njegos days”, which is being held for the sixth time in Niksic, gathered Slavic Linguists from Moscow, Paris, Oslo, Poznan, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Rijeka, Sarajevo and Novi Sad.

The event was organized by study program for Montenegrin Language and South Slavic Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic and the University of Montenegro.

The Slavic gathering was opened by the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic, who said that Montenegro does not live Njegos days, but Njegos epoch.

“And more than a century and a half Njegos have been ennobling some people, some have been abusing him, but this epoch lasts in Montenegro. Luckily there was more of those who were ennobled by Njegos, than those who abused him,” said Krivokapic.

For him, he said, Njegos was never one Peter, but always two – Peter I and Peter II.

“Although they are usually read through Njegos, Peter I lives in him. They both laid the foundation of modern Montenegro,” said Krivokapic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro