Montenegro member of NATO in the spring

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The process of formalization of Montenegro’s membership in NATO is running smoothly and it is natural that the country becomes a member in the spring of next year, said NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller.

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller says that she expects that the tiny Balkan country will become a member in spring 2017 after all 28 NATO member states and Montenegro ratify the agreement in their parliaments.

Gottemoeller said Thursday in Montenegro that “I think your membership in NATO is moving forward smoothly.”

“There is no need to accelerate the process, which in itself runs very smoothly, so that, when all formalities are done, it is quite naturally to expect that Montenegro become a member of NATO in the spring of 2017,” said Gottemoeller. She pointed out that the Alliance is not only organization dealing with security situations, but also helps during natural disasters.

Gottemoeller added that the alliance fully supported Montenegro on its NATO path.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro