Montenegro Nominates Igor Luksic as UN Secretary General Candidate

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BELGRADE – Montenegro’s government has nominated the country’s current Foreign Minister Igor Luksic for the post of the UN Secretary General, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said Monday.

According to new UN rules, the organization’s next secretary general must be chosen among candidates from Eastern Europe, Djukanovic said, adding that during his consultations with representatives of “influential UN member states” Montenegro was “positively valued” as an exemplary UN member and responsible neighbor.

Luksic has stated that after 12 years of government service, talks over European Union and NATO membership, he will be proud to represent Montenegro as a UN secretary-general candidate. The foreign minister also announced his intention to leave his ministerial post in March 2016 in order to devote his time to preparing for the candidacy.

Since 2003, Luksic has served as deputy foreign minister of Serbia and Montenegro, Montenegro’s finance minister, acting prime minister and foreign minister. As foreign minister, Luksic merged the Ministry for European Integration with the Foreign Ministry. In early December 2015, Luksic oversaw Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)