Montenegro not voting for now, but affecting NATO’s decisions

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After almost ten years of partnership between NATO and Montenegro and close cooperation with this military alliance, our country made the last step towards membership last week and showed members of the Alliance that it’s a reliable partner and that its membership in the Alliance will be a step towards bigger stability of the region in which, as they confessed from NATO, but from European institutions as well, Podgorica has an important role.

After the Protocol is ratified by national parliaments, Montenegrin flag will join the other 28 NATO flags and Montenegro will move from the status of observer at Alliance’s meetings to a full member of this military alliance.

Until then, as it was told to Dnevne newspaper by a high NATO official, Montenegro will sit at the table of th Alliance and participate in all current discussions in NATO.

“They will have the right to be heard and affect the discussion. However, they will nto participate in voting until the process of ratification is over. Montenegro will receive a formal invitation to join the North-atlantic alliance and become the 29th member of NATO after parliaments in all 28 member countries ratify the protocol on accession, which was signed by NATO members on 19th of May. Montenegro wil belong to our unique family of nations, the most successful alliance in the history”, said the source of DN.

Asked about the expectations from our country in the upcoming period, he emphasized that Montenegro made progress in the area of rule of law, including the fight against organized crime and corruption.

“New laws have been passed and new structures prepared. The emphasis is now on implementation. Process of accession is challenging. It demands continuation of reforms, especially in further strengthening the rule of law and fight against corruption”, it was said from the Alliance.

Interviewee of Dnevne newspaper explained that Protocol is a legal basis on which NATO can invite Montenegro to formally sign the contract.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro