Montenegro Opens Two More Negotiating Chapters for EU Accession

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BRUSSELS – The European Union and Montenegro opened negotiations on Monday on another two chapters on the country’s accession into the bloc, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said.

In 2008, Montenegro submitted an application for EU membership. In 2009, the country’s citizens were granted visa-free access to the European Union’s borderless Schengen zone, and in 2010 a Stabilization and Association Agreement between Monetnegro and the bloc, required for EU membership, finally entered into force.

“Today we are delighted to see that two new chapters have been opened: chapter 14 on transport policy, and chapter 15 on energy. With these two chapters, we have already opened 22 out of 35 chapters. This means that Montenegro is among the countries the most advanced in these negotiations with the European Union and it constitutes as a positive examples for the whole region,” Asselborn told reporters after the EU-Montenegro inter-governmental conference.

He stressed that Montenegro should complete the implementation of new electoral laws by the beginning of next year’s general elections in the country.

He added that the European Union would also urge all political parties to engage in constructive dialogue in parliament.

As of now, there are five countries recognized as candidates for EU membership: Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and Montenegro.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)