Montenegro: Parliament Approves Resolution to Enter NATO

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PODGORICA – The Parliament of Montenegro after two days of debate, adopted a resolution approving the country’s entry into NATO, Sputnik reports.

The document lists the advantages of integration into the alliance but does not specify how the decision will be made via a national referendum or in the parliament.

On Wednesday evening 50 deputies (out of 81) voted in favor of the resolution whereas 26 were against and three remained neutral.

The document was supported by the ruling coalition led by the Democratic Party of Socialist and Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, as well as the minority party and one of the opposition parties ‘Positive Montenegro.’

The adopted document, in particular, stated that NATO is a guarantor of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Montenegro, development of law and democracy. It will also attend to human rights and the rights of minorities, improving the quality of life of every citizen and society as a whole.

“This will be an important incentive for acceleration and successful completion of negotiations on full membership of Montenegro in the European Union,” said in a resolution.

During the debate the opponents of the integration said that Montenegro does not have sufficient support among the population, and insisted on bringing the matter to the referendum.

The decision of Montenegro’s government to accept a membership invitation from NATO should not be made without holding a national referendum, Goran Danilovic, a member of the opposition Demos party, told Sputnik Serbia on Tuesday.

Part of the opposition pressed charges against NATO recalling the bombing by the alliance of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.
On Monday, the United States announced it may extend Montenegro an invitation to join NATO in December upon the country continuing reforms and working to increase popular support for membership in the Alliance.

And the noose continues to tighten!

Actually, Montenegrins should have made this decision 10 years ago, there is no benefits from an alliance Russians & Serbs! Maybe Serbia will now expedite its readiness to join NATO as well ? Southern Europe will indeed be much more stable & prosperous once Serbia is let in, as she is very well Russia’s last satellite state in this are of the world, and thank god for that!!!
To a brighter future everyone!

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)