Montenegro Plans To Alert Voters by Mobile Phone

13 Mar 15

Montenegro Plans To Alert Voters by Mobile Phone

Montenegrins will in future receive alerts on where and when to vote via SMS, as the current practice of sending notices by mail costs too much.

Dusica Tomovic


Montenegrins will get mobile phone text messages in future, informing them about scheduled elections and where they can vote, under amendments to the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs.

The government proposed the amendments in February and parliament’s Committee on Political System, Justice and Administration was due to discuss the new regulations on Friday.

The government says the new solution is cheaper and will save budget a good deal of money.

‘Notices sent in writing to voters, who have been sent them by regular mail so far, cost more than 520,000 euros each general election,” the government said.

The messages will be sent to the country’s half-million registered voters

Voters without mobile phones will be able to get information from Interior Ministry branches across the country and from a special web portal, which will be launched soon.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)