Montenegro Press Review – April 20, 2015

Press Review
20 Apr 15

Montenegro Press Review – April 20, 2015

Montenegro gets another opposition party. Lobbyists for the Montenegrin regime threaten the credibility of the EU, opposition leader claims. “Light Oil” found from the first wells in the Adriatic Sea.

Lobbying networks, paid with Montenegrin money, recruited a number of European officials who agreed to talk inaccuracies and deceive primarily domestic public about some alleged progress in reforms in Montenegro in reforomama, which do not exist, the official of the opposition Democratic Front, Nebojsa Medojevic, said

The Democratic Montenegro – Democrats, is the name of the Aleksa Becic’s party, he founded with former colleagues who left the opposition Socialist People’s Party five month ago. The Democrats will advocate for change and cooperate with all “who wish well to Montenegro,” regardless of ethnic and political divisions.

Gas of oil origin and the “light oil” have been found in the first wells in the Adriatic sea, professor Mining Faculty in Belgrade, Tihomir Dragasevic announced. He is the head of the Montenegrin team for oil probe in Adriatic.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)