Montenegro Press Review – August 29, 2014

Press Review
29 Aug 14

Montenegro Press Review – August 29, 2014

Mobile operators are not enthusiastic about abolishing roaming charges in the region; Sanctions against Russia do not represent the will of the Montenegrin people, Metropolitan Amfilohije says.

Montenegrin mobile operators are not thrilled withe the information from the Regulatory Agency for Elevtornic Communication that staring from next year in several countries in the region the roaming charges will bue cut. The simple questions whether it will accept it, and how much it will cost, appropriate general words su as “it will only be the subject of talks”. Mobile operator Telenor said thay only thinking about “the price reduction but not on abolition the roaming charges”. Montenegrin Telekom and the operator M:tel sadd this topic has not been discussed so far.

Metropolitan of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, Amfilohije, said that imosed sanctions against Russia do not represent the will of Montenegro and its people, but a small group of people that was, as he said, caught in a “self-imposeing sanctions”. “Russian President Vladimir Putin behaves honorably, chivalrous and bravelly thanks to the Orthodox faith, even with smile he welcomed the sanctions,” Amfilohije said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the aim of the Berlin conference on the Western Balkans was to move from a situation “against each other” to a “with each other”. Merkel was convinced that Europe has played a decisive role on the way to unity. This was possible only by giving to all these countries the European perspective. “That means everyone has the chance to become members of the EU”, said Merkel. The conference began on Thursday in Berlin and Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic participates the meetings. “The aim of the initiative is to strengthen the European perspective of the Western Balkans. We need new impulses for economic and governmental legal progress, security and reconciliation of countries in the region”, the German government said in a statment.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)