Montenegro Press Review – December 8, 2014

Press Review
08 Dec 14

Montenegro Press Review – December 8, 2014

The Dutch police investigates Montenegrin criminals. The ruling Liberal Party welcomes the arrest of war crimes suspects. Foreign investment in the coast worth 2.4 billion euro.

The Dutch police discovered a new form of fraud through changes of personal names, which is typical for criminals from the Balkans, but also for those from Montenegro. Police in the Netherlands announced that criminals going to states of birth and than change their personal name, easily avoiding police records and border controls.

The Liberal Party, a member of the ruling coalition, strongly welcomed the arrest and prosecution of suspectes for war crimes committed in Strpci in 1993. “The fact is that for over ten years the families of the victims had to live in dread and suspense without justice for their loved ones who were killed just because of their name,” the party said in a statement.

Since gained independence in 2006, Montenegro registered a significant increase in foreign direct investment. It is estimated that the value of investments only on the coast is about 2.4 billion euros, which is almost two-thirds of Montenegro’s gross domestic product, said Milos Jovanovic, the Director of the Agency for Foreign Investment Promotion of Montenegro.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)