Montenegro Press Review – February 3, 2015

Press Review
03 Feb 15

Montenegro Press Review – February 3, 2015

The debts have blocked over 14 thousand companies. The former union leader to form Montenegrin Syriza. Montenegro has to keep airline connection with the European capitals.

According to the latest data from the Central Bank, which are published on Monday, more than 14 thousand Montenegrin company have blocked accounts because of the debts. Under the new law on the payments system, the obligation of the Central Bank to publish such data – the company names, the debts amounts and the duration of the blockade.

The opposition’s MP and theformer union leader, Janko Vucinic, has announced that he will form a left-wing party modeled on the Greek Syriza. He told daily Dan that the new party will gather “looted and disenfranchised” workers.

The head of the Tender Commission, Branko Vujovic, said that if there is a serious interest for the privatization of the national air carrier Montenegro Airlines, the government will launch a tender. “It is certain, however, that the privatization must preserve the interest of Montenegro, we must keep direct links with several capitals Vienna, Rome, London, Moscow, Paris, Frankfurt,” Vujovic said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)