Montenegro Press Review – February 5, 2015

Press Review
05 Feb 15

Montenegro Press Review – February 5, 2015

Montenegro and Croatia to have 16 joint scientific projects. We recongise Montenegro’s potential, the US ambassador says. Nothing prevents Montenegro from seeking Safet Kalić’s extradition from Germany.

Ministrys of Science of Montenegro and Croatia signed a protocol on scientific and technological co-operation for the next two years, a mixed commission endorsed 16 joint projects arious scientific fields.

Montenegro’s Justice Ministry said that handing over Safet Kalic to Germany does not prevent Montenegro from requesting his extradition for the purpose of ensuring his presence before the country’s judicial authorities. Kalic was arrested on 20 October 2014 in Austria on an international warrant issued by the NCB Interpol Podgorica in 2011. He is suspected of having run a large money-laundering scheme in the period 2006-2011 by taking up loans in Montenegrin commercial banks and paying them back with illegal money.

The ambassador Sue K. Brown said the United States will continue to provide strong support to Montenegro, both bilaterally and in terms of integration processes. She noted that the United States recognised Montenegro’s potential adding that, despite all the challenges, the country has showed high commitment and vision that will lead to its full membership in NATO.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)