Montenegro Press Review – Janauary 28, 2015

Press Review
28 Jan 15

Montenegro Press Review – Janauary 28, 2015

Police filed charges against the head of the Croatian National Council for threats to the journalist. Montenegro’s leading bishop accuses the state for destroying Serbian language. Russia offers billions of dollars for military base in Montenegro, the US official claims.

Montenegrin police filed criminal charges against the President of the Croatian National Council Montenegro, Zvonimir Dekovic, who verbally attacked the daila Vijesti’s journalists Sinisa Lukovic, threatening that he would “break his bones”.

Montenegro destroying the Serbian language by transforming it into a non-existent language of the nation , the so-called Montenegrin language, the Serbian leading bishop in Montenegro, Amfilohije, said. He added that Montenegro is a unique venture in Europe and the world that a nation renounces the names of its language and its alphabet.

US Senator Christopher Murphy said that Russia offered Montenegro multi-billion dollar investment in a new military base on the coast, but that the official Podgorica refused it because the country wants to become a part of NATO and the European Union.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)