Montenegro Press Review – January 29, 2015

Press Review
29 Jan 15

Montenegro Press Review – January 29, 2015

Montenegro has registered the first case of death from the flu this year. The ruling coalition may postpone signing of a new coalition agreement. Russia requested ports in Bar and Kotor for military ships.

Due to complications from influenza type B, 42-year-old patient died in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, which was first registered death from the flu this season. The Institute of Public Health has announced that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention received notification of the death and that the patient had an increased risk of developing complications from the flu.

Annex of a coalition agreement between the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, the DPS, and the Social Democratic Party, SDP, on governing at the state level most likely will not be signed, but the alliance will continue to operate on the basis of the pre-election agreement.

In 2013 Russia was very interested in stationing Russian military ships on the Montenegrin coast. Moscow has formally requested that ports of Bar and Kotor could be the key stationary points of sail, servicing Russian military ships but also for the rest of the Russian troops.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)