Montenegro Press Review – January 8, 2015

Press Review
08 Jan 15

Montenegro Press Review – January 8, 2015

Believing LGBT people seek acceptance from the church; politicians and officials unite to condemn terror attack in Paris; ethnic Albanian parties plan to revise their agreement with the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS.

Non-governmental organizations LGBT Forum Progress and LGBT social center congratulated Christmas to believing LGBT people, all citizens of the Orthodox faith and Orthodox clergy in Montenegro stating that LGBT believers seeking acceptance of the church to which they belong and therefore a dialogue with Orthodox church is important.

On the occasion of the attack on Charlie Hebdo weekly in Paris that killed 12 people, telegram of condolences to the French Embassy in Montenegro, the families of killed and to the citizens of France sent a number of Montenegrin politicians. The president of the opposition Positive Montenegro, Darko Pajovic, said that freedom of speech has been attacked in Paris.

Vice President of the Albanian party Forca and member of the Montenegrin Parliament, Genci Nimanbegu, said the current implementation of the coalition agreement with the ruling DPS is not satisfactory and it is necessary to revise an agreement.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)