Montenegro Press Review – June 18, 2015

Press Review
18 Jun 15

Montenegro Press Review – June 18, 2015

Foreign Minister invites Pope to vist Montenegro. Montenegro’s Jaz beach tops best in Europe list. Security of investment environment strong argument for NATO membership.

At the meeting with Pope Francis durnig an official visit to the Holy See, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Luksic emphasised the importance of the Pope’s advocacy for peace, justice and equality between people and his activities towards helping developing countries’ fight against poverty and strengthening of ecumenical dialogue and sustainable development policy. Having conveyed greetings of Montenegro’s President Filip Vujanovic, he reiterated invitation for Pope Francis to visit Montenegro.

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide publisher, ranked Montenegro’s Jaz beach first on the list of ten best European beaches that should be inevitably visited this year, thus positioning Budva and Montenegro as the best tourist destination, ahead of Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Greece and Lithuania.

As to economy sector, security, stability, quality of business and economic growth, with the added value the “NATO – Code” guarantees to all the companies operating according to established standards, are direct benefits of NATO membership, the meeting in Podgorica concluded. Working breakfast titled “NATO – Business Arguments,” sponsored by the NATO Membership Council’s Communication Team and Association of Managers of Montenegro, was held on Wendesday in Podgorica.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)