Montenegro Press Review – June 30, 2015

Press Review
30 Jun 15

Montenegro Press Review – June 30, 2015

Russian Duma proposes radical measures if NATO invites Montenegro to join; Montenegro has not recognised terrorists in Syria as legitimate combatants, Foreign Ministry says; significant progress claimed in implementing integration agenda.

Russia could cease to cooperate with the United States in terms of titanium supplying and withdraw from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), in response to measures taken by NATO, said the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, Leonid Ivanovich Kalashnikov. “NATO is in hurry to accept Montenegro as a member state, particularly to fully protect the country from the influence of Serbia it used to be in a union with,” Kalashnikov said.

The Foreign Ministry denied allegations that the government had recognised the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people two and a half years ago, although it has been connected to terrorist and extremist organisation Islamic State. “The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary represents a structure which participated in the peace talks as a legitimate political representative of the Syrian people,” the ministry added.

The Netherlands continues to strongly support Montenegro’s EU and NATO bids, appreciating the positive results achieved in implementing the integration agenda, Ambassador Laurent Louis Stokvis said, commending Montenegro’s achievements in the fields of justice and the rule of law, and in strengthening economic stability, at the same time voicing her country’s willingness to continue to support the Montenegrin government in overcoming challenges.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)