Montenegro Press Review – June 4, 2015

Press Review
04 Jun 15

Montenegro Press Review – June 4, 2015

Democratic front announces mass protests for the autumn. Police questioned father of alleged jihadists in Syria. Ranko Krivopakic wins Pyrrhic victory, analysts say.

Leaders of the opposition Democratic Front said in the debates in Bar that in autumn the party will launch mass protests which will last until the “fulfillment request”, with the aim of forming a transitional government and creating conditions for first ever fair elections.

Montenegrin police questioned Kemal Canovic from the majority Muslim town of Plav, due to threats he allegedly posted against daily Dan, after the newspaper published his sons Dzemal and Kenan Canovic are fightnig in Syria.

Commenting on the re-election of Ranko Krivokapic as the leader of the junior rulling Social Democratic Party, a political analyst Zlatko Vujovic said that was a “Pyrrhic victory”. “Krivokapic maintained its leading position in the party that is deeply divided, with the absence of a minimum level of trust between the two blocs,” he said.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)